Ma'agal: Jewish Time, European Space

Ma’agal (מַעֲגָל – circle) is the first radical pan-european Jewish calendar. It’s art, history, and a manifesto all rolled up into one!

The calendar features holidays and cultural events, while highlighting some of the radical European Jews whose actions created ripples that are still being felt today.

The next time you’re wondering when to celebrate the birth of Rosa Luxemburg (12 Adar 5783) or plan for Pesach (5 April 2023), the answers will be at your fingertips.

12 European Jewish artists have been invited to contribute work to this calendar. It’s going to be beautiful, and you’re going to love it.

Ma’agal Calendar is a joint project of JCC Prague, Paideia, Oy Vey Amsterdam, and Hillel Deutchland. Make sure to get yours by subscribing to our newsletter for details.


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Meet the Artists

Meet the Artists

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