Ma'agal Artists

Smiling, long-haired, white woman in a knit cap.

Artist: Naomi Henkel-Guembel

Naomi Henkel-Guembel is a trained therapist, an aspiring rabbi, co-initiated the Festival of Resilience, which is held jointly with other survivors of and those affected by right-wing extremist attacks.

Artist: Stuart Acker Holt

Stuart Acker Holt is a British born film-maker and journalist based in Amsterdam.

Artist: Niv Cohen

Niv Cohen's art deals with critical questions around Judaism, minority groups in society and in/exclusion of the other.

Artist: Jacqueline Nicholls

Jacqueline Nicholls is a London based visual artist, visual poet and educator whose art practice engages with traditional Jewish texts using a variety of media.

Artist: Ali Shrago-Spechler

Ali Shrago-Spechler is an interdisciplinary artist whose installations, paintings and performances examine the malleability of history and imagined community.

Artist: Yael Roberts

Yael Roberts is an artist and educator living and working in London.

Artist: Sandra Yerushalmi

Sandra Yerushalmi is a French artist and educator passionate about Jewish identity who likes to bring cultures together.

Artist: Jérôme Avraham Benarroch

Jérôme Avraham Benarroch is photographer and a scholar who lectures at Paris-Cité University.

Artist: Andrea Ausztrics

Andrea Ausztrics is a creative producer and curator with a background in Culture Anthropology and Art

Artist: Joel Itman

"When I create art one of my goals is to entertain the public, giving a sense of happiness and leaving them with a smile. Humor and irony are also an important element in my life and conveying that is essential."

Artist: Judy Kaufman

“I think the time you spend drawing is proportional to the quality of your artwork, and the time you spend traveling is proportional to the quantity of inspiration…”

Artist: Gabriella Boros

Gabriella Boros uses woodblock prints, watercolors, and photography to create art that draws from Judaic commentary and the intersection of plants and humans.