Artist: Joel Itman

Welcome to the singular world of Joel Itman. It’s a realm populated with characters –  human, animal and imaginary – that share a universal sense of humanity in its best representation. The vibrant colors, fluid lines and often fantastic shapes in his art channel a liveliness that’s organic and celebratory yet naïve.

Itman was born in Minneapolis, in the Upper Midwest region of the United States. He studied art and cinema in Minneapolis, Paris and New York, and has lived and worked in Italy for more than twenty-five years.

His Jewish upbringing and education have been highly influential, with his work elevating and placing that influence in a modern context. Yet he also has a more worldly point of view that can result in surprising juxtapositions and unexpected harmony.

Itman creates diverse original works, from colored pencil drawings on paper and painted ceramic tiles to stained glass windows. During the past fifteen years he has participated in individual and group shows in Italy, France and the USA.

Many of his original artworks are adapted to practical and decorative use in magnets, greeting cards, T-shirts, home décor and fine art prints. These pieces can be found in numerous museum gift shops and stores in Europe, the United States and Israel.

“When I create art one of my goals is to entertain the public, giving a sense of happiness and leaving them with a smile. Humor and irony are also an important element in my life and conveying that is essential.”