Day: July 27, 2022 / 28. Tammuz 5782

Artist: Judy Kaufman

Judy Kaufmann is a Barcelona-based illustrator working with a colorful style. She works for various publishing houses and has created and published children's books in France, USA, Spain, and Denmark. Her work as an illustrator also allows her to work for press, advertising and pattern design.

“I think the time you spend drawing is proportional to the quality of your artwork, and the time you spend traveling is proportional to the quantity of inspiration…”
‘ᴥ’ judykaufmann

Artist: Gabriella Boros

Gabriella Boros was born in Jerusalem, Israel to Holocaust survivors. The family moved to the US for her father’s post-doctoral studies and settled in the States.

A graduate of the University of Michigan School of Art, Gabriella has exhibited her multimedia works nationally and internationally since 1986. She currently focuses on woodblock prints, watercolors, and photography.  She has completed three artist residencies and is a recipient of a State of Illinois Artist Grant. She has been chosen to participate in two fellowships, the Spertus Museum’s Midwest Artist Lab and as an Artist Week Fellow by the Amen Institute. Her work is included in many private collections. Her handmade book Esh: Sanctity in Fire, Symbiosis and Eighteen Stones of Judaism are in the permanent collection of the University of Michigan Libraries Special Collections.

Her themes include Judaic commentary and the intersection of plants and humans. Most of her prints are created as series, with a theme, which she researches and develops into a visual narrative.